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  • VW GTI Or Audi A3

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    VW GTI Or Audi A3

    Now it may be a weird comparison, especially considering there are only around 10 Audis in the UAE of the 2.0 turbo, but it is basically a VW GTi engine but in an Audi frame. So here is a question that people usually ask me: Audi A3 2.0T or GTi? Just a quick reminder am no expert in cars, but I have had them long enough to give you a good idea of what I like and didn?t like about the car and how it handles in UAE.

    Well the answer is easy in this case, firstly understand that both have the same engine if you get one like the above. They are 2.0tsi, with paddle shift DSG and have similar options when it comes to the electric gadgets inside. The VW has the advantage of having leather seats and a sunroof, whereas all Audis ranging from 2006-2008, as per this comparison, do not. Drive wise, I feel that the Audi is the Clark Kent of the hot hatch! It looks normal on the outside but is a superman underneath, but then a GTi has its heritage and history and has always been made to be a hot hatch, born to be what it is: a fast practical car.

    Common faults on these: Audi has problems with cruise control so check that out before you buy. Also, a xenon light not working could be expensive. VWs at this age normally need mounts replacing so a good way to test that is to turn the AC off when test driving and listen to the noises when turning left or right. I found this not to be a big problem; it can easily be repaired from 20aed in some cases just tightening the arms to mount replacements of 500aed each.

    AC compressors on these are known to go in this side of the world so do not panic too much if it does, as it can be replaced for around 1800aed, however VW will quote 2800aed. If I had to choose, personally I would go with superman Audi a3, but that's simply because I don't want to be just another GTi owner- one of many.

    In reality, a Gti is an amazing car but take into consideration the new mk6 prices and with a new 2013 model coming around the corner it will effect resale value.

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