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  • Merc SL500 AMG

    Author - Faz C | Added On - 00-00-0000

    Merc SL500 AMG

    This in my opinion is a future classic. A 2002 model sl500 with AMG body kit factory fitted. When you drive one of these, you realise why Mercedes are so loved by millions.

    They were so ahead of their time, as we know the S Class is the father of showing off new technology which comes to pass down to the cheaper cars. It is, in that case, a trendsetter and I feel the SL was the same with the hardtop convertible roof, the distance control auto braking, the suspension, oh, to which I have to stress, you must get checked if you are thinking of buying one as Gargash are not cheap! It could cost up to 16000 AED as I learned the hard way.

    The roof struts do tend to leak also so look out for this. However, aside from that, it is simply a beautiful car to have and was in fact my wedding car so I will always have a sweet spot in my heart for this future classic.

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