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  • Convertible Or Coupe?

    Author - Faz C | Added On - 00-00-0000

    Convertible Or Coupe?

    I have been lucky enough to have driven both of these, and as many people probably do, I always wondered is there really a big difference in a soft top or a hardtop of the same car with the same engine?

    To sum it up: no not really- not massively, and unless you?re car mad, which will probably not be the case when it comes to this car, you will not notice the difference. I mean the coupe is much more stable especially in corners, a lot less noisy as with convertibles, and you have 2 extra seats, but in the convertible the fun of having the roof down in the UAE winter days is worth sacrificing the comforts of the seats for your bag.

    Don't expect to drive too fast in a soft top as after 90kph you will be deafened! Which one would I choose then?...Well actually, the Coupe. It just feels more like a GTi for me, as again(see Audi A3 review) it does have the same engine but is just more stable. Both models above were 2008 with same km at around 80,000km.

    Common faults on these is similar to the A3 review. Also soft top rear windows will fade and roof may need replacing.

    Note: When owning a convertible going for a car wash does take longer.

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