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  • GTI vs R32 Dubai

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    GTI vs R32 Dubai

     So you have 60k aed burning a hole in your pocket and you have decided to go for a golf mk5. So far I would say that you are on the right track and pretty close to the finish line until the gti or r32 question comes up! Ok so looking at the stats the R32 (250bhp) has 50bhp more that the GTi (200bhp) as well as full time 4wd so its a no brainer right? Wrong!

    After driving more GTi's and R32's than I can remember (every single colour apart from white) its still a tough call. Here are some of the differences that I have noticed that should help you make a more informed descision:

    Power: Although the R32 has 50bhp more it doesnt really feel faster until you reach over 100kph as its a lot heavier with the V6 and 4wd system. It has good power throughout the rev range and has a lovely deep tone to the exhaust. The Gti has better pick up at lower RPM with no major flat spots and smooth power delivery thoughout the revs. The revs seem to climb up faster and encourages you to change gear in order to hear the car gasp for more air. Best engine sound it at gearchange. 

    Track Days: The R32 is gonna eat through tires so make sure you got a spare set to take you home! Its also going to wear the brakes harder because of the weight and unless its a small tight twisty track the R32 is going to take the lead here and give you the confidence in the bends. 

    Interior: Both cars are pretty specc'd out. The R32 usually comes with more features, look out for leather interior, arm rest (very useful) and ipod connectively. Both come in 2dr and 4dr although finding a 2dr GTi in Dubai is quite hard. 

    Insurance: Not much difference really, the difference is weather you go for 2dr or 4dr as this will add around 40% to the premium. 

    Running costs: R32 will cost slighty more but nothing that is going to break the bank.

    Watch out for: Wear and tear on the switches, clunky and jerky gearbox's, noises from the front bushes which are prone to cracking. 

    Verdict: Slight edge to the R32 but the GTi is a very close runner up and its not wonder GTi's have been leading the hot hatch market for nearly 30 years!

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